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Vinyl Decal Print Pricing

Our custom vinyl cuts with design is priced at only $6.00 a square foot!

One of the lowest vinyl decal cost in Bakersfield!

Width:  2 feet



              1 inch        = $ 1.00

              2 inches    = $ 2.00

              3 inches    = $ 3.00

              4 inches    = $ 4.00

              5 inches    = $ 5.00

              6 inches    = $ 6.00

              1 feet         = $ 12.00

              2 feet         = $ 24.00

              3 feet         = $ 36.00

              4 feet         = $ 48.00

              5 feet         = $ 60.00

              6 feet         = $ 72.00

      (discount prices offered on larger sizes)

Width:  4 feet



              3 feet        = $ 60.00

              4 feet        = $ 70.00

              5 feet        = $ 80.00

              6 feet        = $ 90.00

      (discount prices offered on larger sizes)


Width: 5 feet - 50 Yards


Length: 1 feet - 50 Yards

          call for price quote and

        special discounts offered

Fast Turn Around!

We can usually print and have your  decals ready in just a few hours!

These prices apply to any single color vinyl decal printing in the form of Text, Non-Complex Vectored Art Work or Graphical Designs, and Standard Logo printing. Multiple decals can be cut in the print space available. Discounts offered for multi print projects. Complex designs may have additional charges. Art creation and conversion charges may apply. Rush orders cost extra. Multi color and layered decals cost extra.

Vinyl Decal Application, Shipping and Travel

Self Application: If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person then you'll be happy to know that our decals can be applied manually with proper instruction which we provided for every purchase, along with our easy-to-use step-by-step manual also provided with every purchase.


Professional Application: If you are afraid to mess up your decal during installation, then just let us handle it! Application of vinyl decals can be provided by us at an additional charge. Decal application cost may very depending on complexity of design and size of project. Call 1(661) 412-2251 for decal application pricing.


After Hours Installation: The name says it all. We can install any decals needed any time after hours to help avoid any traffic or customer interruption at no extra cost to you.


Travel and Shipping: We can travel to location to apply the decals anywhere in Bakersfield or the Kern County area (travel cost may apply.)  We also provide store pick up of orders and as well as shipping (world wide) with an additional charge.



Other Services

We offer more than just decal printing, vehicle wraps, premium sign, and high quality banner creation.


We have a team of the highest quality trained vector artist along with extremely talented graphic artist and web designers ready to help serve you with any of your marketing or production needs.


We provide services the following fields:

Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design, SEO, Marketing, Photography, Motion Graphics, Video Production, T-Shirt and Apparel Production, Print Production, Laser Cutting, 3D Sign and Banner Production, Vinyl Decal Stickers, Vehicle Wraps and more!

Just give us a call to find out how we can help you!

Payment Methods

We accept cash, check, PayPal, and all major credit cards.

We can process payments on location, in person, or over the phone.